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Nature of the traditional Thai massage

Essentially it concerns affecting life energy streams and their bringing into suitable line. The masseuse massages imaginary energetic lines and curves found in every human body.

There are a few thousands of those lines and curves in a human body, while only ten them most important are used for traditional Thai massage. By means of pressure methods applied on important points is maintained harmony of energy streams, as it flows in every human body. The most important is however that traditional Thai massage can awake and restore needed energy only if it is blocked by something on a specific point of our body.

Prevence of similar states, which can occur involuntarily, is however highly important, what applies as well in classical medicine.

Work with pressure methods applied to lines is in traditional Thai massage combined with extending and stretching of limbs, as well as it applies in methods typical for yoga. Traditional Thai massages – pressing pressure points strengthens activity of our internal organs increasing thus our resistance and immunity in the true sense of the word.

Opening and cleaning energy tracks and centres will make it possible for our us to make our movements easily done, getting our health at the same time better and bringing peace of mind and wellfare.